Service and transparency.

Our multicultural planners manage and plan all your transports in our TMS software.
Our transport software is connected to other telematics such as Track & Trace (GPS, GPRS, ...), temperature and security door lock.
We know which transport is located where and  where bottlenecks arise.
The use of one single cross-company platform has huge advantages to optimize transport flows.
The objective is to make our and your logistics transport processes smarter and more cost-effective via API's and EDI.


Customer platform - 24/7 access.

Additionally we provide you access to your dedicated costumer portal/supplier portal where you can follow up and track your shipments, documents,.. and book new ones. This allows you to consult all information and communication about your transports 24/7.

  • make bookings
  • real time overview transport
  • retreive freight documents
  • EDI on request
  • ...

Track & Trace and temperature monitoring

Our Track & Trace (GPS and GPRS) system and on-board computers keep you continuously informed about vehicle location and the status of your goods. Trailer temperature is constantly monitored at our base. If the temperature moves outside the given range for a split second, our high-performance monitoring system enables us to respond instantly.

Do you want absolute certainty that your goods will remain at a constant temperature during the entire transport? Then the Thermograph provides you with tangible proof of our excellent service and quality. Even if your vehicle has to board a ferry, there will be no power supply interruption, as all our trailers are equipped with a special power supply connection for ferries.


Security and safety

All our box trailers and refrigerated trailers are equipped with a double door lock and ‘bulldog lock’. Our Tapa-assessed trailers are equipped with an extra remote-controlled safety system. The back doors of the trailer can only be opened remotely from our base. 

All our drivers are fully trained and have years of experience in the transport sector. They always follow the agreed route and are perfectly up to date with all quality standards and safety procedures. In case of emergency, the driver can use the panic button alarm which automatically alerts the emergency services. In addition, our vehicles are under 24/7 surveillance by G4S Telematix, an international security monitoring system.


monitoring by our logistics team

trailers in own fleet

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