International Road Transport

Half of our fleet are box trailers and the other half are temperature-controlled trailers (with double loading floor and dual temperature). Both trailers and trucks are equipped with track & trace systems and driven by experienced, fully trained and reliable drivers.

Soncotra delivers your goods quickly, safely and professionally to your destination. To optimize the transport of your goods, we have your needs constantly in mind. And making maximum use of our trailers’ capacity allows us to keep transport costs down. 

Our destinations

Our fleet


Box Trailers

Reefer Trailers

Temperature controlled, Refrigerated & Frozen

-25°C • +2°C • +8°C • +15°C • +25°C

Express Delivery

Vans & Small Trucks

Two drivers: faster & safer

Soncotra offers three kinds of international transport by road

Full Truck Loading (FTL)

For FTL transport of your goods we use the various types of trailers in our own fleet or our selected and approved subcontractors:

  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Bi-temp trailers
  • Double deck trailers
  • Curtain-sided trailers
  • Box trailers
  • Mega trailers, 100 m2
  • Jumbo trailers, 120 m2

(Thermo) Groupage (LTL)

Your goods does not come to a full truck load?
Then Soncotra will organize a part load or part cargo for you.
Daily groupage transports depart for:

  • Central Europe: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland
  • Eastern Europe: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine
  • The Balkans: Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Slovenia
  • CIS Countries: Russia, Kaliningrad, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan
  • The Middle East: Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Bahrein, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Jemen, Oman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Groupage is possible for standard goods as well as temperature-controlled goods in line with European directives on cool chain transports.

There are no fixed departure or delivery days – these are set in consultation with our customers.
If you require pre-loading or temporary storage of your goods at our depot, we’ll be happy to arrange this.


Would you like your goods delivered today rather than tomorrow?
In that case, we can offer a temperature-controlled, curtain-sided trailer or VAN'with two drivers

Not only does this speed up the delivery, it also decreases the risk of theft. You can also count on us for fast international freight deliveries by van or small truck with either one or two drivers.